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Yachiru Uchiha (うちは八千流, Uchiha Yachiru) is a young kunoichi from the prestigious Uchiha Clan. She is the half sister of Tsuna Uchiha, and cousin to Seigetsu Uchiha. After serving under Yamagakure, the village which she hails from, completing numerous amounts of missions, she became an top class kunoichi among many rankings. Her great skills in Kyūjutsu have earned her great.

Yachiru’s small and cute child-like appearance seems to be in complete contrast to the tough and bloodthirsty nature of her division. She has a very good relationship with her captain, Kenpachi , and she always rides around on his back – usually giving out unreliable directions.

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Yachiru’s shihakusho, unable to take the blast of energy despite Yachiru’s sturdy body, was now in tatters and quickly became rags at Yachiru’s feet, leaving the girl in her pink underwear. Yachiru looked down and saw that she was practically naked. "Oh! Ichi! You ruined my clothes!" she stomped, putting on an angry-cute face. Before Ichigo could apologize and give her his clothes to wear,

His Bankai specifically, yes. Part of his Zanpakto, yes. Did Kenpachi know Yachiru was connected to him that way? Not in the slightest. We never saw a manifestation of Kenpachis Shikai, all we know is that he could finally hear its call after his.

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Yachiru Kusajishi. Edit. History Comments Share. This article is a Disambiguation page for "Yachiru Kusajishi". The following is a list of pages that share the same name. Click the link next to the image you’re looking for to access the character page. Back to Characters List. 6★ RESURRECTIONS 6★ – 5★ – 4★ – 2★ BLEACH WIKI. 6★ RESURRECTIONS. 6★ Yachiru Kusajishi (Valentine’s Day.

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Yachiru first met Kenpachi in one of the worst districts of Rukongai, the 79th district of the North Alley, Kusajishi, as a nameless child. She crawled over to him after he killed several other men with his unnamed Zanpakutō, and was completely unfazed by the violence she had just witnessed, or the blood on his sword. Even as Kenpachi warned her that the sword was dangerous, she reached out.

Isane stated when the zanpakuto was released by Yachiru, there was nothing like it in existence, further more Yachiru never made a release command, instead it just released. Also looking at her zan and kenpachi’s there are in my mind A LOT of similarities. Take the big guy for example, he is bone white with black, his face has an odd shape. The weapon he wields is also bone-esque. In my mind.

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yachiru is a interesting case but in my perspective the reason behind her having a zampaktou while she herself is one is quite simple, she was manifested in phisical form for a looong time, she joined the shinigami along with kenpachi its preety safe to assume that at some point she was given an asauchi, asauchi were never said to only work on shinigami, they simply make a "read out" of the.

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Zerochan has 47 Kusajishi Yachiru anime images, wallpapers, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, screenshots, and many more in its gallery. Kusajishi Yachiru is a character from BLEACH.

Yachiru came from area #79, Kusajishi (草鹿), where her parents were murdered. The two events were apparently quite close. On that day, he also took on a name: Kenpachi, the title bestowed upon the strongest swordsman, the one who has killed the most. The two developed a.

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